April 9, 2010

Candice's team wins EuroCup championship

Sony Athinaikos, the team for which Candice plays, captured the EuroCup Women title on Thursday night by completing a narrow two-legged triumph over Russian team Nadezhda.

Athinaikos had won the first leg a week ago by eight points. Nadezhda won the second leg, but couldn't quite close the gap. Athinaikos won the title 118-114.

This is the first major European championship ever for Greece. Coach George Dikeoulakos said, "The future belongs to those who feel the charm of their dreams. And these girls have made their dream a reality out of nowhere, so we have a future."

Candice contributed ten points, including two key three-pointers, and three steals in the second leg. Coach Dikeoulakos said (translated from Greek), "Our American, stunning Candice Gouigkins that actually played with one knee and without training, has achieved the most important points in this year's presence in Athens. A three-pointer and scored once played superb defense forced the opponent into a mistake and there changed the image of the game."

Here is the game card (game report, box score and play-by-play).

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