February 1, 2016

Bobbie's Rant

The Wisconsin Badgers are 6-14 for the season and have lost their last seven games. Following a loss to Nebraska last week during which Husker guard Natalie Romeo tied a school record for the second time in two weeks with eight three-pointers, Wisconsin coach Bobbie Kelsey (Stanford '96) went on a rant.

Specifically, she expressed her frustration how women's college basketball players need to focus more on shooting and less on their phones. Her advice to aspiring female athletes, repeated several times during the press conference is: "Get your butt in the gym!"

The video has drawn a lot of attention from women’s basketball fans, coaches and analysts. Carly Grenfell (Swish Appeal) comments on Kelsey's advice in:
Bobbie Kelsey's emphatic rant is 100% right

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