September 9, 2015

New signs with new Turkish team for 2015-16

Kristen Newlin ('07) has signed with Turkish team Basketbolu Gelistirenler S.K. for next season.

Gelistirenler is not a new team, but it was recently promoted to the premier Turkish professional basketball league – Superleague – which was previously known as the Turkish Basketball League (TKBL). Gelistirenler is one of five Superleague teams located in Istanbul.

This will be New's ninth season as a professional basketball player in Turkey, all but the first in Istanbul. She played for Istanbul Universitesi last season and for Fenerbahce for the six seasons before that. Her husband, Emre Vatansever, returns to Galatasaray next season as an assistant coach.

New, who has Turkish citizenship, has for many years been known as Nevin Nevlin in Turkey. Her professional basketball bio now gives her name as Kristen Nevlin and her full name as Nevin Kristen Vatansever.

New is slated to be the starting center for Gelistirenler. One of her teammates is Lindsey Harding (Duke '07).

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