June 23, 2014

New's Wedding

Posted by Harriet Benson

Kristen Newlin ('07) and Emre Vatansever married June 21, 2014 in Stanford's Memorial Church.  Kristen, known to us as New, met Emre in Turkey where she plays and he coaches basketball. Both have become bilingual.

New's bridal party included Christy Titchenal (Titch) as maid of honor, Sebnem Kimyacioglu, Nicole Powell, sister-in-law Ashleigh Newlin, and Turkish basketball player Tugba Palazoglu.  Nicole left early for her Seattle Storm commitment; Tugba not pictured.

Family and friends came from afar.  Among the attendees were Amy, Charmin, Marcella, DeeDee, and several basketball classmates, including Krista Birnie (Rapp), Markisha, Shelley, Morgan, Brooke, Clare, Jillian, and JJ.  Rapp's, Titch's, Seb's, Brooke's, Jill's, and Nicole's families also came to the wedding.

New danced at her wedding

Here are more photos of attendees:

New wore a tradional Turkish garment at a pre-wedding party.

Emre and Kristen return to Turkey this fall where New will play for Istanbul University.


Marian Cortesi said...

Shelley Nweke posted a set of wedding photos, including several of New's wedding dance, to her Facebook account.
Although the dance looks like it might be a Turkish custom, it was actually Brett Newlin's (Kristen's brother) contribution to the festivities -- he learned it at the University of Michigan

twinner51 said...

Actually the dance tradition to the song Piano Man is a Michigan State thing that the rowing team did.