November 20, 2012

Catching up with Nneka

Nneka played with USA Basketball for five years as a high school and college student athlete. She recently talked with USA Basketball about playing professional basketball in Poland. Here is that story.

Nneka is playing for CCC Polkowice in Poland. Both she and the team are doing very well. CCC is 7-0 in the Polish league, and Nneka leads the team in both points (18.5) and rebounds (9.5) per game in league play.

CCC's most recent game was a crucial one against Wisla Can-Pak. Both teams were previously undefeated in Polish league play. Nneka led her team to a 56-49 victory with 21 points and 12 rebounds.

The rivalry between these two teams appears to be very intense. This story about the game reports that the general manager of Wisla Can-Pak collapsed after the game after getting into a fist fight with celebrating CCC fans.

Here are some photos of Nneka in action from CCC Sport:

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Anonymous said...

The gyms the games appear to be played in aren't large, but they appear tp be nearly full. The Poles seem to be fond of women's basketball.

I'm curious about the economics of the league. European teams reportedly pay much higher salaries than the WNBA. I wonder where the income comes from to do so. Does anyone know if TV is the answer?