July 6, 2011

Kayla & Jeanette are among top 10 rookies

Nate Parham (Swish Appeal) presents his pick of the top 10 rookies in the WNBA after one month of play.

He ranks Kayla as #1, with this overall evaluation: Every single player on this list does something better than Pedersen: defensively, passing, rebounding or shooting. So as usual, it's easy to overlook Kayla Pedersen, only made easier because she's playing on the team with the worst record in the league right now. But here's the thing about Pedersen: there isn't much she doesn't do. Pedersen is proving that she's exactly what she was at Stanford: the ultimate teammate.

He ranks Jeanette as #8 because of her scoring efficiency and three-point shooting.


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Anonymous said...

It's good to have our opinion of these two great players validated on the WNBA stage.