June 27, 2011

Jeanette providing energy (and points) for the Fever

Tom Reitmann, writing for the Indiana Fever reports that coach Linn Dunn says, "The broadest measure of success for the Indiana Fever's bench players is whether they are providing “positive energy” when inserted in the lineup."

He goes on to say of Jeanette:

For Pohlen, the only rookie on the Fever roster, finding instant energy is the goal. Her decorated career at Stanford prepared her for many, but not all, aspects of the WNBA.

At the professional level, the game is faster and the players are more aggressive. WNBA offenses rely heavily on pick-and-roll maneuvers instead of the motion and five-player screening that Stanford used in its triangle attack.

But the injury to Katie Douglas compelled Pohlen to do some fast, on-the-job learning.

“It kind of goes to show that you have to be ready for anything at any time,” said Pohlen, who has hit 8-of-11 field goal attempts and 7-of-8 3-point tries in the past two games.

Jeanette sealed the Fever's win against the New York Liberty on Sunday night by sinking two free throws in the last five seconds of the game. Read more in this Indianapolis Star game report.

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