May 17, 2011

Kayla, the fix-it player

A month ago, just after the WNBA draft, Jessica Lantz posted a story about Kayla in Swish Appeal: Kayla Pedersen - The Next 'Larry Bird' For The Tulsa Shock?. She based her story on comments by Tulsa Shock coach Nolan Richardson.

"I love Pedersen," he said. "You know one of my favorite players of all times was Larry Bird, and he did all the little things that people don't really see. And that's what I saw in Pedersen. She's 6-4, she can play out on the floor, she can play inside, she can run the floor, and I call those kind of players a fix-it player. She can fix things that break down. You just don't see the talent that this lady has."

In today's Tulsa World , Jimmie Trammel reports from the Tulsa Shock training camp: Shock's Kayla Pedersen likened to Larry Bird.

When asked about Kayla, coach Richardson said, "I love her. I think she is going to have a chance to be on that all-rookie team. She has got a chance to be really good because, the thing about Kayla, and that's why we were hoping to get her, is she is a Larry Bird-type."

Richardson believes he got one of the better picks in the draft.

"At the beginning of the year, she was in the top four or five as a lottery pick," he said. "I had no clue we would end up getting her. But I was sure hoping we could get her."

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