November 10, 2010

Ros impresses with her commentary

In addition to her job at Tesla Motors, Ros will be working for ESPN as a color commentator game analyst for women's basketball games. Her first game will be Oklahoma at Texas on January 16.

She is also doing color commentary for women's basketball games on Stanford All*Access webcasts.

Long-time Cardinal fan Warren Grimes had the pleasure of hearing Ros' commentary on the Stanford vs UCSD game. He was very impressed:

I watched the video feed of Stanford’s game against UC San Diego and had the great pleasure of hearing Ros Gold-Onwude’s color commentary. It wasn’t perfect – but it was so full of enthusiasm and informative insights that I would say without hesitation – the best basketball commentary I’ve heard in a long time – and maybe ever.

Ros is eloquent and knows the team and the coaches. I had the sense that she was telling us the very same things that Tara VanDerveer was telling the team in the huddle. Some quick examples:

In the first half, Nneka was called for a screening foul because she wasn’t firmly set. Ros observed that these little mistakes don’t matter in a one-sided game, but could be difference makers in a closely fought game.

In the second half, when UC San Diego’s Chelsea Carlisle made a string of three pointers, Ros questioned the lack of intensity on the perimeter defense. She observed that TVD would find this unacceptable; within nanoseconds after Ros’ remark, TVD had called a time out. Ros’ take on perimeter defense – the defensive player must commit to total and unfaltering concentration, with never a second of lapse.

When asked about the team’s focus for the UC San Diego game, Ros did not hesitate to say, “Defense.” Overall, I think Stanford’s defense was better on Tuesday night. Vanguard shot 47% from the three-point line last week, but UC San Diego was held to 33%.

Ros also had nice things to say about Toni Kokenis’ performance in getting the ball up court. She noted the relative difficulty that Stanford had late in the second half when neither Kokenis nor Pohlen was in the game.

Overall, one had the sense that Gold-Onwude’s comments were the same things that TVD or Kate Paye would be saying to the team. Color me impressed.

Go Ros!

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