November 8, 2010

Coach Azzi's debut

Q McCall [Swish Appeal] writes about Jennifer Azzi's debut as a college coach, USF's 61-34 home win against Sonoma State last Friday.

When asked about her first game as a coach, Azzi said, "Now no one will tell me anymore that I haven't done it before."

Her next challenge is to build a winning team at USF, which was picked to finish last in the WCC Women's Basketball Preseason Poll.

But for now, she is focussed on making this season the best experience possible for her players. "It's gonna take time," said Azzi. "But one of the things that I don't want to do is kinda take for granted the players that are here now because we've got some talent on this team and, like I said, they've been working very, very hard. So I want to - and I have, from day one - treated them as if we recruited them because they get their college experience one time and as much as college athletics is about winning and losing it is an experience for these young women and I want them to have a good one." Read more...

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