September 29, 2010

Sonja Henning to be inducted into Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame

Stanford fans remember Sonja Henning as an outstanding point guard. She graduated from Stanford 19 years ago, but still holds all the records for assists -- career (757), single-season (237), and average per game (7.4).

Henning will receive her latest honor on Saturday when she will be inducted into the Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame.

Peter Jackel (RacineSportsZone) writes of Henning's achievements in the past 25 years since she captivated crowds at Horlick High School in Wisconsin with her unique basketball skills.

"Henning is someone who has lived her life ... maximizing her prodigious potential and refusing to concede that limitations exist."

"For me, my drive was always to do my best," Henning said. Read more...

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