July 20, 2010

Basketball at the White House

Jennifer Azzi was at the White House on Monday to support the first lady's fitness program for kids and to lead a clinic in which members of the WNBA champion Phoenix Mercury team played with kids from a local Y. The president made an appearance to congratulate the team members, and Azzi said she got to meet him, "shake his hand. ... And he said he knew who I was, and that shocked the heck out of me."

Azzi had been to the White House before, including a visit when her Stanford team won the NCAA championship and one with fellow members of the U.S. Olympic team; this was her second visit during the age of Barack Obama. But it was the first time the president talked with her and, of course, her first look at the new White House basketball court. "It's awesome," she said. "Someone said it had been a tennis court. There's a big tall fence around it, so it seems pretty intimate. With trees all around, you can't see onto (the) court." She described a row of basketballs in a rack, branded Obama '08. "They looked like they'd had a lot of use."

Another Stanford alumna was there as a member of the Phoenix Mercury:

Azzi reports on the experience in her blog, which includes a video of President Obama's speech honoring the Mercury for their WNBA Championship, a video of the basketball clinic, and more photos.

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