July 21, 2010

Brooke's day at the White House

Brooke Smith shares her experience at the White House in this post to Michelle Smith's LeftCoastHoops blog.

July 20, 2010

Basketball at the White House

Jennifer Azzi was at the White House on Monday to support the first lady's fitness program for kids and to lead a clinic in which members of the WNBA champion Phoenix Mercury team played with kids from a local Y. The president made an appearance to congratulate the team members, and Azzi said she got to meet him, "shake his hand. ... And he said he knew who I was, and that shocked the heck out of me."

Azzi had been to the White House before, including a visit when her Stanford team won the NCAA championship and one with fellow members of the U.S. Olympic team; this was her second visit during the age of Barack Obama. But it was the first time the president talked with her and, of course, her first look at the new White House basketball court. "It's awesome," she said. "Someone said it had been a tennis court. There's a big tall fence around it, so it seems pretty intimate. With trees all around, you can't see onto (the) court." She described a row of basketballs in a rack, branded Obama '08. "They looked like they'd had a lot of use."

Another Stanford alumna was there as a member of the Phoenix Mercury:

Azzi reports on the experience in her blog, which includes a video of President Obama's speech honoring the Mercury for their WNBA Championship, a video of the basketball clinic, and more photos.

July 15, 2010

Jayne's potential is recognized

Morris Phillips (Full Court Press) reports on Jayne's progress as a professional basketball player:

Despite a slow start as she rehabbed from several collegiate injuries, Jayne Appel has made steady progress, earning the respect of coaches and fans alike.

Though her performance in the [All-Star] game was not one for the record books, her mere presence in the game was a recognition of her great promise.


July 14, 2010

Jayne's black eye

Sophia Young chats it up with Jayne about her first All-Star experience.

July 13, 2010

Krista got married!

Posted by Harriet Benson

Krista Rappahahn (our 3-point specialist!) married David Birnie on July 10. David was graduated from Wake Forest; he has been working at Stanford the past two years. They were married in the courtyard by the Los Altos History Museum. Among the over 200 attendees were twelve of Krista's basketball classmates, Marcella Shorty, Dr. Elaine Lambert, Charmin Smith, and Amy Tucker. (All photos by Jeanne Mayr) David and Krista left July 12 for Kauai to honeymoon and hike the Napali coast. When they return Krista will continue in Stanford Medical School, her third year.

July 10, 2010

Jayne still climbing back from April

By Graham Hayes, ESPN:

From one bad night last April to ballot-happy fans who made her an All-Star, Jayne Appel's life and career have changed drastically since last April. Read more...

July 9, 2010

The game Jayne wishes would just disappear

By Chris Elsberry, Greenwich Time:

They say that time heals all wounds, but it has been just about three months and Jayne Appel has still not watched the 2010 NCAA championship game between Stanford and UConn.

As far as Appel is concerned, ... the game should just disappear for all time. Read more...

July 1, 2010

Catching up with Jayne

Jayne blogs:

Being a rookie, I am fully enjoying not only my hometown city of San Antonio, but also all of the cities that we visit on the road. So far we have been to Tulsa, Connecticut, Atlanta, Seattle, and I just landed in LA. Each place has had hidden and well known public gems in the city that make them unique. I decided to write about all of the cities and what I was able to enjoy after our game. Read more...